Hands severed at the wrist. Eyes carved from his skull. Dead under a dumpster.

How do you find justice when you are one of society’s forgotten?

Ernie Politics is a schizophrenic albino who loves conspiracy theories. When he’s murdered and mutilated, the police have no interest in wasting time on the death of one homeless man, so Ray Cobb, Ernie's best friend, decides to solve the mystery for himself.

Ray finds a cryptic note Ernie scrawled days before his death and realizes that Ernie's ravings and irrational writings may contain hidden clues about the identity of his killer. 

Pulled deep into the dangerous underworld of the Los Angeles streets, Ray discovers a vagrant underground railroad, a poker game where the stakes are one’s life, and a political conspiracy that entangles him with an LAPD cold case detective.

Ray uncovers more about Ernie than he expects and learns when you live on the streets, the only person you can trust is yourself.

The Last Will and Testament of Ernie Politics is the first volume of Brad Grusnick's Vagrant Mystery Series, a modern noir exploring the underbelly of Los Angeles. 

Don't miss Book 2 in the series, The Last Dance of Low Seward.



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The brains of the biggest action star in the world are sprayed against a seedy apartment wall.

It’s not how Detective Nick Archer wanted to start his day.

Movie star, Low Seward, has just been found shot in a dirty Skid Row hovel. Nick only has two leads--a packet of mysterious purple powder found on the victim and a set of whacked out witnesses glued to the floor.

Outside, roaming the dark streets of Los Angeles, Ray Cobb wants nothing more than a dry place to sleep. But his night is far from over. 

A body has been dumped in his Chinatown squat and Ray is the only suspect in the killing. To clear his name, he must turn to his old friend, Nick. But Ray is going to have to prove his innocence without Nick’s help.


Ray and Nick’s investigations collide as they slide deep into a pulp noir world of drugged out Hollywood-types, indentured Ukrainian hitmen, and a fastidious florist prone to kidnapping.

 Mistakes from the past resurface and both men learn reckless decisions can have dire consequences.

The Last Dance of Low Seward is the second volume of Brad Grusnick's Vagrant Mystery Series, a modern noir exploring the underbelly of Los Angeles. 

Be sure to pick up Book 1 in the series, The Last Will and Testament of Ernie Politics.


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